betty kaplan

 actor   film maker

​Fluent in Russian,
English and Hebrew;
drunk chatty tourist level
Spanish and German.
I write sci fi scripts,
beat on African drums
and travel a lot.​
80's in Latvia: kids drama club
                       6 years of rhythmic gymnastics 
                       2 years of rock'n'roll dancing
90'a in Israel: high school drama major
                      modern & ballroom dance
                      military service
                      BA in Theater and Literature
                      stage fighting
00's in NYC: Meisner technique
                     comedic improv
                     krav maga & jiu jitsu
                     non-stop acting for film courses
Year in London: accent classes
I am now Berlin based
I will fly anywhere for a cool project.


the moment

Astrea is a runaway with a special connection to the hive mind society of the future.

Produced my Albino Mosquito, the movie follows three parallel story lines.

watch the trailer for the moment

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